July 30, 2012

iRVU:Hospital reviewed by Dr Surinder Yadav from iMedicalApps

iRVU: Hospital, our physician productivity tracking tool was reviewed by Dr Yadav from iMedicalApps, the leading online source for medical app reviews by medical professionals.

Dr Yadav states:
"The iRVU app is a simple and extremely resourceful tracker of your daily work whether it’s in a clinic, in the ER, or in the hospital — yet it probably needs some further enhancements before it becomes an essential part or your practice."
The full review can be found here on iMedicalApps. 

  iRVU: Hospital - Track RVUs & charges for your medical practice - e-MedTools

July 27, 2012

iHealthcare now #8 in iBookstore Medical Category

iHealthcare details how medical professionals like doctors and nurses use iPhones and iPads. 

iHealthcare has reached the #8 spot for Free Books in the Medical category of the iBookstore.

iHealthcare is a free ebook available in all iBookstores worldwide and is a great resource for doctors, nurses, medical administrators, and medical app developers.

iHealthcare 2012 - R Robinson & M Burk

June 26, 2012

Code Check Basic - #13 in the iPad Medical Category

Code Check Basic, our medical coding app for iOS, reached #13 in the iPad Medical Category over the weekend of June 10, 2012.