February 13, 2011

Updated Sepsis MedicalTemplate

e-MedTools has updated the popular Sepsis Evaluation MedicalTemplate.

The History of Present Illness (HPI) has been revised to limit prompters to risk factors for infection. The Review of Systems (ROS) has been revised to the expanded format that contains "Yes" and "No" options. The Exam portion still contains room for documenting important data such as Ventilator Settings, Lines & Monitors, IV Medications, Labs and Radiographs.

The newest feature added to a select few MedicalTemplates includes documentation space for physicians supervising residents, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This is great for academic physician practices, or those practices utilizing physician extenders.

Every MedicalTemplate contains easy to use checkboxes and fillable textboxes to streamline the patient encounter and medical documentation process.

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