October 26, 2010

iRVU overview presentation

iRVU Overview

October 20, 2010

iRVU - New iPhone Medical Productivity App

e-MedTools released a new iPhone medical productivity app in the iTunes App store - iRVU!

iRVU lets you track work RVUs (Relative Value Units) for inpatient medical services like new patient H&Ps, critical care visits, consults, and follow up visits at the point of care.

A work RVU log is important for inpatient physicians such as hospitalists and intensivists because income is usually linked to work RVU production.

iRVU lets you keep a running tab on your RVUs so you can estimate your productivity based pay whenever you need to.

iRVU also includes business intelligence functions like reporting RVUs per encounter and charges per encounter.  These ratios can be compared to the other members of your practice or a set of benchmark data like MGMA survey data.


October 12, 2010

10 Reasons To Own E/M Code Check

e-MedTools is proud to announce the release of its newest product, E/M Code Check.

E/M Code Check is a smartphone application for medical documentation and coding. It features the Medicare documentation requirements for multiple patient encounter coding levels, Medicare allowable charges, and Medicare work RVUs (Relative Value Units) for each encounter code.

E/M Code Check also has exciting unique features not found in other smartphone applications, like Medicare coding distribution graphs and a Personal Productivity Log.

The Personal Productivity Log tallies the information for each patient encounter (total number of patient encounters, coding levels, wRVUs, Medicare allowable charges) and graphs it in a succinct, easy to read format. The graphic information even separates inpatient data from outpatient data.

This is a vital tool for physicians and other health care providers.

10 Reasons to Own EM Code Check