March 1, 2010

MedicalTemplates and Medicare

Now more than ever, MedicalTemplates can help maximize reimbursement from Medicare. This is especially true for subspecialists who, since January 1, 2010, had up to an 11% reduction in Medicare reimbursement. This is now magnified with a 21% decrease in reimbursement for all physicians.

MedicalTemplates have quick, easy to use prompters with check boxes and fillable text boxes that are based on the 1997 Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services.

Thorough documentation, if done by hand, could take 20-30 minutes to write. Using MedicalTemplates takes just 5-10 minutes to complete. Saving just 10 minutes per patient could save 2 or more hours every day!

Thorough medical documentation is only half the battle, of course. Appropriate coding is also important, and MedicalTemplates provides free Medicare Audit Tool worksheets to assist with determining patient encounter levels.

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