February 4, 2010

New Pulmonary Clinic Outpatient Evaluation

MedicalTemplates have updated their outpatient pulmonary evaluation template "Pulmonary Clinic New Outpatient Evaluation"!

The new Outpatient Pulmonary Evaluation template has time-saving updates which you are sure to like!

The new template has a streamlined Past Medical History that includes an Occupational History and Military History section, a revamped Review of Systems with "yes" and "no" options, a detailed exam with pertinent positive and negative findings, and an expanded Impression with diagnostic plan prompters.

The newest addition is a lung diagram for graphically documenting a 2-dimensional position of abnormalities noted radiographically. This can be a quick reminder for future office visits.

All MedicalTemplates have easy to use check boxes and fillable textboxes for fast, efficient and thorough medical documentation!

Also included in the "Pulmonary Clinic New Outpatient Evaluation" are help buttons relating to documentation requirements, based on the 1997 Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services.

Consistent documentation that is thorough and concise is cost-effective, medically and legally beneficial, and a great time saver!

Pulmonary Clinic History and Physical

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