January 4, 2010

Psychiatry Evaluation Template Updated!

Good Monday Morning!

MedicalTemplates has just released an updated version of the Psychiatry Evaluation Template. This version is far superior to the previous version!

The new Psychiatry Evaluation Template has increased the size of the HPI box for free text. The Review of Systems (ROS) has been expanded to include Yes/No options. The Past Psychiatric History (in the PFSH) has been expanded to include hospitalizations and treatments. The Exam portion is more detailed and contains expanded free text boxes, and the Impression section has been expanded to include prompters for Data Reviewed, Care Coordinated With, Recommended Diagnostics and Recommended Actions.

We think folks are going to love the improvements, and we value any and all feedback!

Thank you to all those who have already purchased a Psychiatry Evaluation Template! Look in your e-mail for your complementary updated MedicalTemplate!

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