January 14, 2010

New Inpatient Evaluation Template

The New Inpatient Evaluation template designed for the initial evaluation of hospital patients is now updated.

The most important change to the New Inpatient Evaluation template is that it has been modified to reflect the format and wording described in CMS' 1997 Guidelines for Evaluation & Management Services. Help buttons in major sections describe information regarding the documentation necessary for coding.

Other important upgraded features include:
1. Expanded Review of Systems with more signs and symptoms AND yes/no options
2. Streamlined Past Medical History
3. Expanded Exam with check boxes for pertinent positive and negative findings
4. Code status
5. 3 page format with expanded Impression and Plan

Like all MedicalTemplates, the New Inpatient Evaluation template is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format that contains active check boxes and fillable text boxes. The PDF format makes medical documentation with MedicalTemplates simple, efficient, and reliable. The PDF format makes it easy to carry information to any location, save data for later reference, and make changes as needed.

New Inpatient Evaluation (History and Physical)

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