October 6, 2009

COPD documentation just got easier!

MedicalTemplates has expanded and updated the COPD Evaluation template to include more of the information health care providers need to document.

Improvements include prompters for assessing COPD exacerbations and streamlining the Past Medical, Social and Family History. Other improvements include expanded exam findings suitable for either a general multipurpose exam or a single organ respiratory exam, space for ventilator settings, intravenous medications, and labs.

The Impression and Plan section is now expanded to an entire page to permit additional documentation for complex patient encounters.

MedicalTemplates’ new COPD documentation template decreases documentation time, increases health care provider efficiency, and effortlessly assists with improving encounter documentation.

Thank you to all the folks who field test MedicalTemplates and provide helpful feedback!

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Evaluation

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