July 1, 2007


MedSpel 7.5 includes nearly 50,000 medical terms ranging from abdominis to
zygomatic, which allows you to concentrate on your work instead of looking up words in a medical
dictionary that are not in the built-in MicrosoftTM Word
spelling dictionary.

MedSpel costs $15 for a single user and only $500 for unlimited users!

MedSpel 7.5 was released 6/11/07 and contains all FDA drug and device approvals through 6/1/07.

MedSpel 7.5 features an upgraded NSIS installer that enables silent command line installations that are helpful for institutional customers.

MedSpel works within your MicrosoftTM Word spell checker, in exactly the same way your spell checker works now. There is no new software to learn to eliminate medical spelling errors, no complicated manuals to read, and no new computer hardware required!

MedSpel is a cost effective way to bring an award winning medical spelling product to all members of your organization.

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