April 5, 2007

PQRI Measures for Clinic H&P Medical Note Template

The Clinic H&P medical note template has been expanded to include Medicare PQRI quality measure reminders.

Medicare 2007 PQRI Quality Measure included in the clinic H&P medical note template are

  • #1 Hemoglobin A1C Poor Control in Diabetics

  • #2 Low Density Lipid Control in Diabetics

  • #3 High Blood Pressure Control in Diabetics

  • #4 Screening for Future Fall Risk

  • #5 Heart Failure: ACE or ARB for LVSD

  • #7 Beta blocker therapy for CAD

  • #8 Beta blocker therapy for LVSD

  • #9 Antidepressant medication during new episode major depression

  • #46 Medication Reconciliation

  • #47 Advanced Care Plan

  • Download the Medicare 2007 PQRI Quality Measures from here.

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