March 1, 2007

MedicalTemplates - Pulmonary and Critical Care H&P/Consult Note

MedicalTemplates has developed a 2 page Pulmonary/Critical Care new inpatient evaluation template. This template is suitable for pulmonologists, critical care physicians, intensivists, hospitalists and other health care providers.

The Pulmonary/Critical Care new patient template contains prompters and space for the following required elements for a E&M encounter and critical care encounters -

  • Chief complaint

  • History of present illness

  • Past medical and surgical history

  • Social history

  • Family history

  • Review of systems

  • Review of data (labs, tests, imaging)

  • Physical exam

  • Assessment and plan

  • Start time

  • Stop time

  • Checkboxes for sedation, pressors, and other high risk medications

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